Hamboards Skate Fish 53″


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Hamboards Skate Fish 53″

The world’s finest Fish surfskate. This board is no joke and screams carve the second you pop-up… Used by aspiring professional surf groms to practice pop ups, smacking the lip and backside rail grabs. The “sports car” of the Hamboards lineup. Some call it ‘The Shark’

Length: 53″ / 4’5″
Width: 17″
Thickness: 0.6″
Weight: 8.05 Kgs

Marine legend
Discover a tailor-made surfer’s dream board for those who relish heritage, class, speed and innovation.

Smaller, tighter with an hydrodynamic fish-tail, the board gives the rider flawless carving angles, extreme manoeuvrability, and a rich cruise experience. Snap the tail, hit the lip and drop knee diving turns that will cause instant permagrin.

Mounted on massive 24 mm riser blocks are a pair of patented 200mm HST carving trucks cast from virgin aluminium and heat treated for relentless thrash. A 50-degree reverse kingpin and 30 degrees of board lean allows the ultimate rail-to-rail flow, board lean and extreme carving angles. The narrower boards are more stable and the wider boards are more responsive, so this ultra wide deck is the most responsive in our line-up.

On the road, the Hamboards signature chocolate brown 90mm cast polyurethane wheels are buttery smooth and literally kick-out small rocks before you can ride over them.

Welcome to the wave tribe!

Colours supplied subject to availability, please make contact upon order if you have any colour preference