JS Surf Foilboard Black Eagle

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We built our Black Eagle to be as stiff as possible, ensuring all of your energy is transferred directly to the foil without losing force due to board flex. 100% carbon construction combined with twin stringers serve this purpose perfectly, while also keeping the board super light for effortless lift out of the water. The twin stringers also reinforce the entire board for added strength, particularly around the future boxes holding the foil in place. A scoop deck makes sure your feet are closer to the foil for quicker response, while bevelled rails and deep double concave in the nose stops the board sticking to the water whenever it touches back down. Additionally, this early double concave acts as two channels, helping you paddle straight, pop up and get to wave speed quickly.

Length:           4′ 4″           4’6″           4’8″           4’10”           5’0″           5’2″           5’4″
Width:         19 1/4″     19 1/2″     19 3/4″      20″         20 3/4″        21″         21 1/2″
Thickness:   2 1/4″       2 3/8″      2 1/2″        2 5/8″        2 3/4″       2 7/8″        3″
Volume:         26.1L        28.2L        31.3L        34.2L          38.4L         42L         46.5L

Twin Stringers – Adding stiffness and strength to the boxes holding the foil.
Deck – Scoop deck throughout, to give greater sensitivity when planning along the water.
Glassing specs – 100% carbon construction
Rail type – Bevelled rails / double concave in the nose to stop suction to the water and make paddling easier.
Bag – Comes with fitted bag as standard

Remember – when sizing your foil board, similar to regular surfing, riding shorter boards makes turning much easier. As you become more comfortable, all you need is enough volume to float you comfortably, but initially, a few more litres will help with paddle power and stability. See team rider reference below.

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4'10, 4'4, 4'6, 4'8, 5'0, 5'2, 5'4