Starboard SUP 22 Whopper Starlite 10.0 x 34


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Starboard SUP 22 Whopper Starlite 10.0 x 34

The Wide Ride (Whopper) 10’0” x 34” was the world’s first wide and short SUP wave board.

It helped everyone go paddle surfing and made Starboard the instant leader in SUP surfing.
We have developed this concept over the last 12 years and you will sense the trademark thin rails biting into the wave just like a
smaller board and let you manoeuvre off the top and in bottom turns in ways not expected. The wider nose and tail outline make it
ultra-stable and forgiving.

The thin rails mean you need less effort to turn on rail, as there is less volume holding the board back from sinking into the turn.
The side fins are closer to the rail; which provides a quicker response.
We have developed the Wide Ride concept into several sizes, all giving you stability with glide to catch waves easily.
The smaller Wide Rides provide faster and tighter turning

A highly popular, stable board which will surprise you with its incredible wave riding ability.
• As a best selling model since day one, the 10’0” Whopper is an
outstanding big board to surf.
• The thin rails allow you can turn the board with less foot
pressure, making it feel and surf like a much smaller board.
• Channelled tail helps you hold tighter turns and redirects faster
during top turns.

Bottom shape: Mono-concave to V with double concave to channel tail

• Starlite now features a full deck of 0.6mm Australian pine wood ,increasing the overall total
breakage strength and reducing the weight due to a lower resin absorption.
• A 15kg/m3 precision moulded fused cell core replicates the exact shape, offering high strength at the lightest weight.
• An ultra durable woven Azure and Charcoal rail band proves to be the strongest rail protection ever tested. The colour comes from
the fibre itself, meaning there is no pigment on the rail, offering the clearest optic and highest UV protection.
• A combination of different fibreglass densities wrap the bottom for high strength and durability.
• The combination of twin T-stringers deck and bottom work together to increase the overall total breakage strength. The T-stringers are
positioned close to the rail working like an i-beam to endure heavy drops and strong wipe outs.