SUSS SUP Package



The Stand Up Surf Shop (SUSS) All Round Package is the perfect entry into the world of stand up paddle.

Included in the package is the Stand Up Surf Shop SUP, Scott Burke aluminium adjustable paddle and Surfland leg rope. Everything you need to get on the water.

Board sizes:
The 9’0 x 31′ is a popular and affordable size SUP board for people up to 90kg. It’s got plenty of width and stability for its size.

The 9’6 x 32″ is a true all-rounder SUP. You’ll be able to cruise around on the river or start catching a few small waves. And at 9’6, it’s easy to handle. It’s a great size for women who are just getting into SUP and really want something that’s pretty stable. Mums can still throw a child on the front of this one and enjoy a paddle. And when you’re on your own, you can cruise or even try to catch a few small waves.

The 10′ x 33″ is a popular and affordable family size board. It’s got plenty of width so you can throw the kids or dog on with you. It suits one person or multiple people up to 100kg.

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10'0 x 33.5, 9'0 x 31, 9'6 x 32